Historic Property for sale in Malta

 Property for sale in Valletta – The Capital City

Valletta is the capital city of the Republic of Malta. It is located in south eastern part region of the Main Island. Being the capital city, this is where administrative and commercial hubs of the country are; office of the president, the parliament, the courthouse and many government departments’ offices. The climate that is featured in Valletta is Mediterranean climate whereby it is warm and dry during summer, and mild and wet during winter. Valletta city has two natural main harbors, the Grand Harbor which is the major port, and Marsamxett harbor.

Valletta is amongst the oldest cities in the world having been established in 1565 by the Order of St John. The purpose for its establishment was to act as a refuge for the soldiers returning from crusades. Most of these buildings still exist up to now, buildings from 16th century onwards. Modern buildings are also coming up to bring about modernization in the old city. Foreigners are now looking for Malta property for sale as there is political unrest in europe especially in the UK

With buildings as old as from 16th century and many more historical sites, UNESCO officially recognized Valletta as a worlds’ heritage site. From its uniqueness and wonderful history, it has been selected as the European Capital culture.

Types of properties for sale

With it is high heritage and deep history, many people would prefer to be part of this great city. Properties in Valletta are many, from 16th century palazzos which carry rich history, to post World War II buildings which withstood the tumble, to buildings that were constructed during colonization not forgetting modern converted luxury properties. With varieties of properties to choose from, you can easily go for the property that comfortably suits your purpose.

Factors to consider before buying a property

  1. Durability

Valletta is an old city which has been in existence for ages. Most buildings are as old as the city itself. Therefore, due diligence must be carried out well before purchasing a property. Get to see the property before sealing any deal because you might close a deal for a building that is weak to last even more than 20 years before wearing out. That would be a great loss.

  1. Location

This mostly goes to those people who like waterfront properties. Almost all beaches are victims of hurricanes or erosions. Carry out a survey and purchase a property that is on the good side of the shore where hurricanes and erosions are minimal or don’t occur.

Either way, make sure your property is insured and fully covered from all catastrophes. You can insure your property against wind then flood happens to destroy it. With such occurrences, you can’t be compensated because it wasn’t insured against flood. Therefore, don’t overlook any risk against the other, you never know.

  1. Type of property

Valletta is a city full of different types of properties. Different people have different tastes and preferences and approach. Some may prefer old, traditional palazzos and live like the Knights of St John decades ago; others renovated and upgraded ones whereas others would go for a modern type of property.

Buy a property in Malta that will serve you well and make sure nothing has been left pending before deal closure.