Consider Adding Value To Your Home By Restumping It Before Selling It

If you own your own home, then you’re lucky to have a place to call all yours. You know where you are going to spend your nights for a while, and you do not have to stay on good terms with a landlord who actually owns the place you live. You’re free to make the place as you see fit.

However, there are times where you might decide to sell that home. Maybe you’re moving far away, building a new structure, buying a bigger and better home, or just downsizing into an apartment or flat. Whatever the case may be, you want to get the most you can for your investment.

Consider adding resale value to your home by restumping or reblocking it before selling it. The process of restumping basically is having the floor joists lifted off the pillars supporting them underneath, and then replacing, fixing, upgrading, or enhancing those supports before letting the house rest on them again.

There are signs you can look for that let you know if this is something that needs to happen eventually. Creaking floors are signs of a home that is not as level as it used to be, wall cracks can be signs of settling or sinking, and floors that feel ‘spongy’ might indicate rotting or deteriorating underpinning stumps. Even doors and windows that stick might illustrate a house slanting in one direction or the other.

Taking care of this before you sell your home is a way of sparing a new homeowner having to deal with it themselves. That not only increases the value of the home, it increases the odds someone will make an offer.

Take care to choose something for the restumping that will support the home but also last a long time. You don’t have to replace wood with wood, although if you do, go for something rot-resistant. Victorian Red Rum is a good choice in Australia and a good contractor for underpinning or reblocking melbourne but other continents will have different lumbers available. If your interested check out there facebook page.

A very common choice for new stumps is to use either concrete or galvanized steel. There are also hybrid choices that use a combination of both. Any of these options is high in strength and durability, meaning it will hold up both the home and over time. If you choose these kinds of restumping , make sure potential buyers know it from photos and the like, unless they can see under the home when on tour.