A step by step guide to flipping real estate

Becoming a successful house flipping guru is not easy. You require a lot of experience, but its very doable. As you can see from google trends below, more and more people are interested in house flipping!

    1. Spend some time with trades man to learn the tricks of the trade, to learn how to judge a property in terms of expenses required to fix it.
    2. Remember that people are lazy nowadays, and they want to just purchase a house and start living in it without doing any renovations themselves
    3. So here comes the opportunity. You can bank on people’s lack of imagination so to speak.
    4. Kitchen sells. Especially with women. Women love a nice looking kitchen, so make sure you nail it. Spend less money on rooms like bedrooms, spend more on a bathroom and kitchen
    5. Outdoor space will increase the value of your property. Make sure you nail it as well. Remember, paint indoors in light colours, and outdoors like fence, in bright colours. Why? because light colors make a room look big on the inside and a dark fence outside makes the garden look bigger!
    6. If you are not in a real hurry to sell, wait for the right buyer. Make sure you do online advertising, selling your property directly will save you a lot of $$$