Window vs Wall Air Conditioning for Homes

WINDOW VS WALL AIR CONDITIONER. What’s the difference?

Air conditioners are life savers for those people that love cool temperatures and throughout the year’s air conditioners have advanced both in styles and technology and the selection to choose from is varied and large like window and wall air conditioner.

The wall air conditioner is a device that is installed in an opening that has been cut into the wall and a window air conditioner, on the other hand, is meant to be installed through a window and has side extension to fill the gap that may be left open. It is easy to compare window and wall air conditioner because both are almost similar in cooling size and capacity, but the wall unit tends to be slightly more efficient as it creates an airtight seal in the room.

Window air conditioner is designed primarily for the use in a standard double hung window and commonly used styles in the industry. They are constructed in various qualities and size. During the installation, the window air conditioner is mounted on the top of the window and the sill below and extendable louvers used on each side to insulate the room from outside air. Not only are window air conditioners commonly used style, they are also affordable. They feature adjustable controls that make it easy to cool the entire floor with the same air conditioner. One drawback to this style is that units must be removed from the window during winters and reinstalled in summer.

Wall air conditioners are unique in that the air and moisture are ventilated through the back. This is an important point of difference from the window air conditioner as they exhaust air and moisture from both sides and back. Also, it is important to note that window air conditioner cannot be used in a wall application because the compressor may burn out from the moisture build-up and improper ventilation that may cause molds in the walls. Wall units are generally expensive than window air conditioners. At you can choose between single unit a/c systems and full

In both cooling power and physical size, wall air conditioner tends to be slightly bigger than window air conditioner. For installation, window units are fit through a window and don’t require permanent installation, while air conditioners are actually built into the wall and others can be mounted. This makes them popular in rooms without windows or for people who prefer to leave their windows alone.