Have You Considered High End Property In The Country Of Malta?

If you have significant financial resources that you have been thinking about investing in real estate or land somewhere exotic, you have likely looked around the world (online at least) for a place to invest some of your wealth. Whether you are looking for a vacation home to rent out for income when you do not use it, or a place to actually retire somewhere exotic, many countries around the globe prove ideal for such investors. If you want a place that is not well-known to Americans but quite popular with affluent visitors, why not consider high end property in the country of Malta?

Most North Americans might not even know that Malta is an independent nation, although some might guess correctly that it is in the Mediterranean. This archipelago of islands is north of the African coast, sitting south of Italy.

Human habitation of these islands is documented to go back at least 6,000 years, and the strategic location of them saw many nations and empires establish presences here over the millennia. This has left the nation rich with diverse culture and historical sites to marvel at. Combined with the warm climate and abundant recreational areas, the historical and architectural monuments make Malta a unique destination for both travel and living.

Many around Europe flock here for vacation, although visitors come from the Middle East and Africa as well. That makes owning a high end property in the country of Malta an appealing option, given the possibility of continually renting it out to affluent clientele on holiday.

Should you choose to move there yourself, take advantage of the fact that English is one of the two official languages. While some Americans visit Malta, you will not get lost in the shuffling throbs that are in London, Paris, or Rome. Malta gives you a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean without feeling like just another of a million tourists there that day.


Malta sees nearly two million tourists per year, nearly triple the local populace. It’s also growing in popularity as a medical tourism hot spot, offering procedures and medicine at far cheaper prices than mainland Europe, particularly enjoying such visits from Britons. There are also enough Britons retiring here to constitute one of the largest minorities in the permanent population, so converting high end property in the country of Malta into multiple retirement rental units is a strong idea.

Penthouses are the best sellers in Malta right now. A penthouse has a lot of outdoor space as opposed to a normal apartment. The other great benefit is that you do not have any tenants or residents on top of you. This will add privacy and saves you some frustration from the neighbors. Why you ask?  Because especially if there’s ladies living on top of you, you will hear a lot of heel tapping.  And that is very annoying.

Privacy and outdoor space are the top 2 priorities for people looking to purchase property.